Where are you located?
Fairytale Cookie Co is located at 5 W 2nd St. in Washington MO at the corner or 2nd and Jefferson next to Trashy Roots Salon.

What are your hours?
Our regular business hours are Wednesday thru Friday 10am-5pm Saturdays 10am-1pm. We are Closed Sunday thru Tuesday. Occasionally we will be closed for special events or holidays, and if that is the case we update our Facebook page and Google listing to reflect the hours for that time.

Do you take custom orders?
Of course! Custom orders are our favorite part of the job. Contact us, and we can put together a quote for decorated cookies, classic cookies, cookie cakes and other fun cookie treats!

How far in advance do I need to place an order?
This depends on the order. For decorated cookies 4-6 weeks notice is best as these calendar openings fill up quick. Decorated cookies are time consuming and spots are limited each week. Classic style cookies without decoration and cookie cakes can be ordered with just a few days notice. We try to always have cookies available for purchase in the boutique but sometimes they sell out quickly especially during peak seasons and holidays. Its best to order in advance to ensure you get the cookies your need for your event. 


What is your pricing and minimums for custom orders?
Decorated cookies begins at $48/dozen with a 12 cookie minimum order and varies based on theme, details, and packaging.  Mini cookies are available starting at $24/dozen

Cookie cakes are 9” round and serve 8 for $24 

Classic cookies come in 2 sizes starting at $24/dozen

We also offer other fun cookie treats like marshmallow treat bars, cookie dough truffles, and doozies contact us for more info about these items. 

Do you offer any gluten free items?
At this time, we do not offer gluten free items.

Are your baked goods egg, dairy, or nut free?
Although not all of our items directly contain eggs, dairy, or nuts, we do work with those ingredients on a daily basis, and many of our ingredients are processed in a facility that also processes these allergens. If you have any ingredients that are an allergen, it's best to let our staff know so we can facilitate your choices by giving you information on ingredients.