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We love making custom cookies for all events and occasions! 

A few notes about our custom cookies....

We bake ours fresh and design them specifically to your theme. No cookie cutter cookies here! 

We prefer to do the designing, we require creative freedom and prefer not to work off of pictures of other cookies.

We are picky when it comes to making characters or logo cookies. So if we turn down your order based on design, please don't take it personal. We understand our artistic limits and want you to be happy.

We are kinda popular and tend to book up fast! Most times we need at least 4 weeks notice to fit an order of decorated cookies on the calendar. But don't hesitate to ask for that last minute request. If we can't do decorated cookies, we can let you know what options we have available for your last minute needs. 

We might seem expensive... but our cookies are handmade and require lots of experience, skill and time. Our pricing model is sorta unique. We charge $100 for the first dozen and $65 for each additional dozen.


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